Tuesday, November 25, 2014

3,ooo,ooo views for DC23mecharts!!!

Thanks a TON for the support guys! My humble free blog has now reached more than 3,ooo,ooo views! 

3,ooo,ooo views eventhough I have been a bit inactive here for the past 3 years and have yet to update my galleries with better and newer builds. 

Real life work has been killing me this year, but hope to be more active with blogging and Gunpla next year. Too much of anything is bad, and I have been working too much this past year. I hope to find the right balance between my day job, my kids and my hobbies next year.

I will also be focusing on my old commissioned works for the next few months, then will be back to the drawing board for my GBWC 2015 entry! 

Please continue to support my humble free blog, my Facebook pages and my Instagram account ( @dc23_mecharts ). I must say I am most active at Instagram these days as it is so easy to access on my iphone. Feel free to drop me some questions regarding the hobby at Instagram and my Facebook page below...

Once again, thanks a ton for the support! Just enjoy the hobby guys! Until next post!!! 😝😍😊

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