Wednesday, July 16, 2014

PG Strike Freedom SHUTDOWN

Just decided to shutdown my PG Strike Freedom project. This is already the time of the year to get serious with my GBWC 2014 entry, as it will be my first time to join a Bandai sponsored competition since 2010. All contestants have barely a couple of months to work on their projects... And 2 months for a PG Strike Freedom is not easy.

I do not mean shutting down and stopping work on my PG Strike Freedom, what I mean is that I will shutdown or stop posting work in progress updates from now on. Besides I do not see any posts from competition anyways. So I think it's normal to do the same. I really wish to see masterpieces during the contest this year... I hope all the secrecy is dang worth the wait! Lol

How I miss the age of the FORUMS! I miss my first ever forums which was Zerogunz. Zerogunz or Zero-G forums was my home. It was a Malaysia-based forums full of friendly and highly talented modelers. We get to inspire each other through informative work in progress updates everyday. I also miss my very own MAC forums. An uber friendly forums that I think inspired a lot of young modelers to pick up their art knives and start getting serious with their hobby.

Oh well, unlike forums... You only get to see photos and short captions of other modeler's builds these days at Facebook. Not as organize as forums and you do not get the same information as in forums. Anyways, I thought of sharing a few color scheme designs I did in Photoshop yesterday. I used to asked at Zero-G forums what color scheme to choose for my old builds... here they are...

So I guess unlike sharing work in progress updates everyday at forums... It is but fitting to adapt and not post detailed updates at Facebook. Will do post some work in progress photos once my PG Strike Freedom is ready to roll out! 

See you in October! Just enjoy the hobby guys! :)

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