Friday, July 18, 2014

GAIA Color Lacquer Paints

I love my Vallejo Model Colors for hand painting and dioramas. However acrylic paints on Bandai Gunpla kits are very prone to scratches. I personally do not re-pose my kits once painted, specially Gunpla on dioramas. I thought my clients would like to re-pose their commissioned works though.

So I decided to shift to GAIA Color Lacquer Paints for the internals. Might or might not use Gaia for the armor parts... So bought some metallics for the meantime. I will definitely use these paints on all my commissioned works and my Perfect Grade Strike Freedom, so stay tuned guys!

A ton of thanks to RENAN SALUMBRE for the paints! Look for him at Facebook for Gaia Color paint orders. 

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