Saturday, May 10, 2014

Got meself the MG Z'Gok at long last!

MG Z'Gokphoto

I know one guy will be very happy with this simple post.

There is a crazy guy here in the Philippines who commissioned Gunpla modelers all over the world to work on his favorite MS, the Z'Gok. This guy commissioned me back in March 2013, and believe it or not... I have been looking for this kit since then!

I will now be able to start with this kit  soon and will definitely finish it ( or try to finish it ) within the year ( 2014 ). Just wanted to show that I will be working on an original Bandai master grade kit as I want him to get a premium work using an original premium Gunpla kit.

I was suppose to battle damaged a MG Z'Gok from the client ( commissioned from another modeler ) and place it under the foot of my own Z'Gok. Change of plans though, still waiting for the client on which kit will I battle damage for the base of the kit.

Do stay tuned for updates guys! Will definitely snapfit this today once I get home ( still at work )!

MG Z'Gokphoto

MG Z'Gokphoto
Thanks as always for dropping by! Until next post guys! Just enjoy the hobby! :)

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