Sunday, May 18, 2014

.5mm, 1mm, 3mm, 4mm and 5mm Pla-Plates!

Shout out post to ALEX ALLAN AREVALO for my huge custom cut pla plates!!! 😊☺️😉

I am so tired today as I was carrying 4 pieces of 60mm x 60mm 3mm thick pla plates today at the awarding ceremony of the Gundam Model Kit Contest.

Dang these 3mm thick pla plates are a bit heavy! So stoked to finally have my main material for my diorama projects. Should start mounting them tomorrow to the wooden frames I made with my dad last week.

I also got some 1mm and .5mm pla plates for detailing my dioramas. You could also order 4mm and 5mm pla plates if you need those thickness. 

Look for ALEX ALLAN AREVALO at Facebook and place your orders now! 

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