Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Shake, Rattle, OR Roll Vallejo Paints?

Vallejo Paints photo

I have been using Vallejo paints for a while now and love them so much for hand painting to this day! You get so much variations and colors and they offer a super wide range of other specialty paints! I have pigments, Game colors, Game opaque colors, Model colors, Vallejo Airs, and expensive Specialty texture paints! They are all so fun to use in any project.

I have used my Vallejo paints for Gunpla, dioramas and miniatures. Great not so expensive stuff. They are at par with expensive hobby grade paints and pigments and yet are so easy to acquire and use. The ease of use and brilliance of colors is unmatched for it's value.

Anyways, just wanted to post a tip on how to use old ( almost abandoned ) Vallejo paints ( much like my stock ). Do you Shake them, Rattle them or Roll them?

ROLL them! just my humble tip with a few years of experience in using these paints. Shaking and rattling these paints vigorously would just create bubbles and is not an effective way of mixing the stagnant highly concentrated pigments at the bottom of the bottles.

Trust me on this one... the most effective way of mixing or waking up old Vallejo paints is... ROLLING them on a hard surface or between the palms of both your hands. Whichever you fancy.

Thanks for dropping by guys! Hope this simple tip would be helpful. Until next post! Just enjoy the hobby guys! :)