Friday, March 7, 2014

New Acrylic Brushes for my Vallejos

Acrylic Brushes Photo

Just got meself some brushes today! I am currently checking my tools and supplies for Gunpla and could not find my old acrylic brushes. I only have the super fine 000 brushes for my miniature painting but I think my bigger brushes were used by my kids some time last year for their painting projects.

Momiji and Van Gogh brushes are average quality brushes that are descent enough for miniature painting ( Vallejo Acrylic Paints ). You have to clean them properly with lukewarm water and mild soap after each use, unless you love ( can afford ) to buy new ones for each painting project.

They are springy enough and they keep their shape pretty well even after heavy use. Of course there are more expensive red sable brushes out there that are perfect for acrylics. Will start with these brushes first though, as I am not confident with my model painting skills yet and should level up my tools ( brushes ) as I level up my skills again.

Just wanted to share as I am super stoked to buy tools and supplies slowly this month and set up my workstation again. Hopefully all is set up before April ( 2014 ) and I could start working on simple projects.

Anyways, thanks for dropping by! Until next post guys! :)

Acrylic Brushes Photo