Sunday, April 14, 2013

MG Zeta Karaba in progress


This project was one of my ongoing commission works before I retired. I super highly apologize to my client from Indonesia for the delay of this project.

I could ship it unfinished to its current state right now or hopefully he could still wait and is still interested to see this project finished.

I plan to do more modifications to this MG Zeta Kit as it is still very bare and plain looking as of now. I did a lot of armor trimming and some hacking and sawing already, but a few more panel line scribing and a bit more plaplates should complete the look.

I plan to give this a clean finish with a weathered custom base. The contrast in the finishing of the base and the kit should give the overall look a nice contrast.

Anyways I hope you like this project as I will be posting updates once in a while. Thanks for dropping by! Until next post guys! :)

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