Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tattoo craze version DC23

I stopped painting or even touching plastic or any model kit back in July 2012. I practically focused on my day job as I was aiming for a promotion back then.

I got promoted already! For the narrow minded people of the world, I am not going back to my hobby and forget about my real job. It's not like i could do modeling at work anyways.

I feel that i need my hobby back to basically keep my sanity and get my mind off work when at home.

So many good and bad stuffs has happened since August 2012... The thing that standa out us my new tattoo sleeve on my right arm though.

I have always pride myself for looking like an artist. I decided to lose my ponytail last year and felt it was about time i get some ink. I designed most of my tattoos on my sketchpad and my very talented tattoo artist Mia interprets it under my skin.

4 sessions to go to complete my right arm full tattoo sleeve. I am pretty sure you'll get bored with my tattoo updates from now on. Hehe

Now here are some photos of my sleeve so far...

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