Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Trollbloods Trollkin Runebearer by DC23

I just finished my Trollbloods Trollkin Runebearer and I am pretty happy with the outcome. I actually thought that this was going to be a boring project as the pewter model lacks the over the top details of my previous Trollblood models. What it lacks in details it overcame with it's impressive and intimidating pose though.

I had a bit of hard time differentiating the different " browns " in the model. I made the main cloththe darkest, painted the leather parts redder, painted the scottish cloth more orange than usual and painted the highlights in different colors... ending, they all look the same! lol

I think I am getting the hang of painting minis now. I am still working on my high contrast painting and trying to get used to the idea that almost all the details needs highlights. Totally different than scale modeling where subtlety and realism ( usually just base color, washes and drybrushing ) is the norm.

Anyways... this is my fav of my painted models so far ( although I will say that again in my next ) and will be painting more in the following days. The photos are big for their own good... hope you enjoy them...

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