Monday, April 2, 2012

KHADOR flames scheme @ BrushThralls

KHADOR flames scheme @ BrushThralls photo

This got me woke up! My body clock is in chaos as I just woke up ( 8pm here ) and should be painting more models in a while.

I have been looking up at alternative color schemes for my upcoming Khador models as I want them other than red. I love the red army look so red should be part of the overall scheme. I found this super exciting Khador battlegroup in alternative / custom flames color scheme at Awesome skill and marvelous stuff!

I would not be courageous enough to attempt this scheme on my models anytime soon, nor am I crazy enough to apply this on a whole army. This Khador scheme should look great on special pieces like the Behemoth though. I found the color scheme for my up coming Khador models... will share them to you once I start on them by next week ( apparently my seller cannot meet up tomorrow ).

Enjoy more photos of this fantastic work at here is the link guys...

KHADOR flames scheme @ BrushThralls photo

KHADOR flames scheme @ BrushThralls photo
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