Friday, March 30, 2012

Rorsh and Brine painted by Kensei Yonzon

Rorsh and Brine painted by Kensei Yonzon photo

Just would like to share a super nicely painted Hordes Rorsh and Brine from the Minions Faction painted by Kensei Yonzon. The highlighting is just enough to bring the nice details of the models. The color tones and blending are a sight to behold and the base looks really cool with those green runes. I Love the photography as well as it made the models pop out a bit more. These models should look stunning in person!

Kensei is basically the main guy who poisoned me into this new hobby of mine. He does not paint as much as he wants to but he always comes out with stunning little masterpieces every time. Kensei is my Wikipedia when it comes to Warmachine stuff as I ask him about anything Warmachine everytime.

These models are his entry for the monthly PAINT the TARGET mini online contest at LOST Hemisphere. A great way to push yourself to painting your miniatures rather than play them in bare metal. Anyways I am looking to join this monthly thing soon and I'll leave you with the Paint the target February submissions...

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