Sunday, March 25, 2012

Janissa Stonetide in custom epic base by DC23

Janissa Stonetide in custom epic base done photo

I just finished painting my Janissa Stonetide with custom epic base.

This marks the first time that I attempted doing wet blending on the skin tone of my Trollbloods. I enjoyed painting the boob highlights very much and I think the blending on the blue skin went well. I also did a lot of edge highlighting and highlighting in general. My Tamiya 000 sized brush work well for this task. I also managed to paint the eyes successfully this time.

This was a quick one day job... not speed painting but not super slow painting either. I should be finishing my 10 Fennblades soon so that I could start work on my first Warbeast ( Dire Troll Blitzer ). This Janisaa Stonetide was painted with Vallejo acrylics, all custom mix as I have a limited number of paints only. Now here are a ton of photos of my second finished mini...

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