Sunday, October 16, 2011

MG The O II project - foot and zimmerit patterns!

MG The O II WIP photo

I made a few progress with my entry for our Toymaker versus DC23 face off yesterday and early today. The epoxy curing is slowing me down a bit though, but I am pretty happy with my progress as I can now see how my build will be turning out.

Once I have sanded the skirts to it's final shape, I will be detailing this huge build at last. I have started working on the foot parts and will be assembling them together tonight. The " zimmerit " texture or whatever it is called was done with epoxy as usual and I had a blast poking it the whole night.

I am almost seeing the final shape of the front skirts after tons of epoxy and sanding. I also almost finished up the huge shoulder armors that I gave some ridiculous cast iron texture using the same epoxy I used for the zimmerit patterns. This build is obviously master " Kobayashi " inspired and is shaping up the way I wanted it.

I have never inhaled this amount of plastic, epoxy and putty dust since I started this hobby back in 2008. The amount of putty and epoxy I have used so far for this build is totally insane and is getting really expensive really fast! Due to my very basic skill in scratch building, the amount of sanding to get the major parts ( specially the front skirt ) to it's final shape is also insane. But everything should end up more or less the way I wanted it ( hopefully ) at the end.

Anyways here are some photos of my Kobayashi inspired MG The O II build so far...

Thanks for dropping by! Til' next update guys! :)

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