Saturday, October 15, 2011

MC Model's GUNDOOM are still NOT allowed at MAC. :)

MC HiNu Gundoom by Z of Gunpla Inochi Photo

I got some heat when I posted I am selling some limited numbers of MC models at my shop yesterday. I understand the confusion though as we don't allow them to be posted in our MAC forums. I have not even bought one until now. But this is totally grey stuff and I could not pull out my MC models in the shop as their are lots of buyers who paid already.

I posted my sort of stand about MC models a while back. I still think that this models being with better style and details than Bandai could harm Bandai in a way. Although unlike TT kits which practically recasts the Bandai kits, MC models have original box arts and casts in comparison to TT kits. MC models may not have permission to produce Gunpla / Gundam / Gundoom but unlike TT, they did not stole original designs from Bandai.

Also it is important to note that one of my website sponsors almost backed out as sponsor when I made a joke about TT kits a while back. Surprisingly though, they also sell these items in their shops, thus allowing me to post them as well without harming my partnership with them. Apparently a few established shops does not consider them as bootlegs unlike the TT model kits.

However we still DO NOT ALLOW these kits to be posted in our forums. I may be the " face " of MAC forums, but generally other officers would not allow these controversial stuffs inside the boards. Thus these kits are simply not allowed inside the boards period.

So although shops are selling MC models as legit stuff much like " unlicensed " resin kit figures, I feel the need to never post MC models here in my website, our forums and my facebook pages ever again. I could continue to sell them at my, but I would not endorse them anywhere else.

This is an obvious decision that I have to make. No MC models at MAC, No MC models at MAC Facebook and NO MC models here in my website. But I may continue to sell them in my shop as long as other more established shops that does not allow " TT bootleg kits " are selling them as well. Obviously unlike before, I now work around a few simple rules that my sponsors have set.

So much like Z of Gunpla Inochi, This should be my last post regarding MC models here in my website. And the old rule stands in our MAC forums not to allow MC models, much more TT kits inside the MAC forum boards.

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