Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I'm done with my QEE and I'm done for the week! :(

custom robot vinyl toy

Yeap... I'm done with my 8 inch QEE but I am also done for the week! I am a few minutes away from going back to the hospital and getting myself confined for at least 3 days. Hope to be out by Friday or Saturday as I feel stronger than a cow anyways. My doctor would not allow me not to be monitored and confined in the hospital though... house rest is not an option. I'll just bring an art knife and a couple of kits to tinker with for 3 days.

Anyways, I also just finished my vinyl toy commission work. I painted this last night with Vallejo acrylic paints. I can't really do a photo shoot now as I will be leaving soon. But hope my client likes this teaser pic so far. I might add a few more silver paint chippings on the necessary areas to give the weathering a bit more depth. But that has to wait until I return from the hospital.

Thanks as always for dropping by! Til next post! :)

EDIT: Here is now the link to the gallery...
8 inch custom robot Do It Yourself QEE ver DC23
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