Sunday, August 14, 2011

Happy client = another toy vinyl project! WOot!

mini QEEPhoto

I am currently exchanging emails with the client of my 8 inch custom robot QEE. However due to the timezone, the wait for each reply is killing me ( with excitement of course ). My client was pretty happy with the outcome and now wants another one!

I will be working on a Skull head 5 inch Mini QEE ToyerQ this time. Yeap it is a bit smaller and plus a couple of vinyl toy experience under my belt... This project should be as fun or even more fun than the previous vinyl toy attempts.

My first attempt on custom vinyl toy was my " belat boy " which was the same size ( 5 inch ) as my up and coming commission. Vinyls unlike plastic are sort of rubbery and are impossible to scribe, Although using Tamiya epoxy putty works like a charm.

Anyways, just excited to share another quick exciting non-Gunpla project that I will working on soon!

Thanks as always for dropping by guys! Til' next post! :)

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