Sunday, August 14, 2011

TOYMAKER The O WIP update - some torso mods

TOYMAKER The O WIP update Photo

Almost missed this, glad I checked my long blog roll before retiring today. Kenny Lim aka Toymaker just posted a quick update on his MG The O build during which I was in the hospital watching tv. His build is shaping up to be a really huge monster with a more complicated armor.

It is no surprise that at this early stage we could already see glimpses of how this will turn out. Makes me itchy to work on mine but I still have a couple of commishes on the way. Anyways Kenny has a couple more photos of his progress so far and I am pretty sure he is going to edit his post to add more explanation on the direction of his build. Now here is the link to Toymaker's blog post on his update on his MG The O....
TOYMAKER The O WIP update - A quick update

Thanks for dropping by! Til' next featured guest modeler! :)

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