Tuesday, August 23, 2011

FREE MAC forums shirts on the MAC party!!!

MAC forums shirts Photo

Nahhh, we could not afford to give away 100 free shirts to all the 100 attendees of our MAC anniversary party. However yours truly and Fil Dimaano aka filmechs will be giving away and raffle 10 FREE shirts to ALL the active members of our MAC forums.

This is basically a special gift to all the MAC forums members with at least 30 posts under their name. I will be making a special raffle box with the forum names of all those members. Due to the number of attendees ( 100 ) we might also have tag names of your forum names during the party.

The MAC forums shirts will not be given during the party though. Fil will be getting your names, shirt size and contact number as he will be doing the shirts and giving you the shirts on a much later date ( around September ).

Those who won't be lucky enough to win in the raffle, you could order the shirts from Fil during the party. Of course your paying for your orders though. hehehe  :)

Anyways, see you on the 27th, Saturday! Til' next post guys! :)

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