Wednesday, August 24, 2011

So what are we having on the 27th!? besides the raffles...

MAC forums party Photo

I just got home from the office and I just celebrated my birthday by treating my teammates for dinner earlier today. A pretty simple and normal office day turned great with the amount of greetings I got from all over, this year.  Thanks once again to those who greeted me at Facebook, ZeroGunz and MAC forums. Totally insane number of greets! Thank you guys!

Anyways, I was thinking about the MAC anniversary party on Saturday the whole day, I figured I'd share to you our plans for the food as we are asking for 150 Php anyways.  This post will basically have the schedule and everything that you'd need to expect on the 27th. 3 more sleepless days!

Basically we never expected that around 100 people will be attending a simple house party of a one year old forums. So frankly my dad's house could not really accommodate 100 people inside, thus we are setting up the tables for 70 people outdoors. Tables will be set on the front yard / garage and my roofless house. I am hoping for a nice sunny day on Saturday.

the schedule

  • Everyone will be meeting around Starbucks, Landmark Trinoma @ 1pm to 2 pm. We then convoy to my house and we will arrive there before 3pm. Those with cars could park on the open parking space in front of Landmark.
  • We eat around 3pm to 4pm or until there is food. lol
  • Then we do the raffles from Greattoys and Hobbymate at around 4pm to 5pm or until we have goodies to give away. Believe me if I knew I will be listing the raffle prizes of Hobbymate and Greattoys here. But I have no idea of what they are giving away on the party. 
  • Then we drink til' we drop! :)
Not really sure if we are drinking @ my house or we could all go back to the Timog area ( so that others could go home already ) and have our drinks there instead.

the food
  • Kilos and kilos of grilled liempo ( pork belly )
  • Kilos of grilled Tilapia ( fish )
  • Roasted turkey
  • some roasted chickens ( lechon manok )
  • puto ( rice cake )
  • pancit ( not sure yet )
I am having second thoughts on the pancit as I cannot find anyone that could cook good pancit for 70 to 100 people.

The not so good news is that Malvin Lim of cannot come to the party on Saturday. However I will be meeting him earlier that day at one of his stores and will be getting the freebies he has prepared for the party.

The great news is that Kenny Lim aka Toymaker, Izakku81, Waylander and Edmund Teo of Hobbymate has confirmed attendance to the party. I already have their flight details and will be fetching them from the airport on the day before. 

Vanz Hilario / Anazasi will be collecting your 150 Php contribution during the 1pm to 2 pm meet up @ Trinoma. He will get both your names and forum names as you pay him. We will be giving you a piece of tape to put your forum names during the party as I will be calling forum names during the raffles.

Another important note... ONLY those who have confirmed attendance inside the forums will be eligible for the Greattoys and Hobbymate raffles. The free master grades and the 10 free shirts from yours truly will be raffled to all MAC forum members with at least 30 posts.

Thanks once again for the support and hope to see those pretty faces very soon! :)

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