Monday, July 25, 2011

I might do a custom steam punk vinyl toy soon!

custom vinyl toy photo

Hope this post won't Jinx it. A former client from the US asked me if I could work on a custom vinyl figure for him. I always wanted to try this as I love designing cute characters before. This would be like drawing in 3D! Honestly I think I could be a little better in this stuff than Gunpla.

I am so looking forward in doing this very unique commish! I might even do one for myself at the same time while I work on the project. My only fear is enjoying this so much as I have a couple of ongoing Gunpla commishes at my work desk.

Anyways, I needed to post this so that I could easily find the links that the client emailed me. I am always lazy to check my email after all. So here are the links of some custom vinyl toys for my reference...

Thanks for dropping by! Til' next post! :)

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