Wednesday, July 27, 2011

5 inch DIY mini QEE Qonk ver DC23

I just closed a deal with a client from the US. He basically asked me to do him a custom designer vinyl toy with a steam punk concept. Nope this is not the commission piece yet, this is actually my very first designer vinyl toy. I bought this 5 inch DIY QEE as a practice build before I tackle the commission. 

The client originally asked for a " munny " from, however I was not able to find one thus we settled with the more expensive QEE. I finished this toy last night, just a quick build to learn how to work with vinyl.

I will be working with the bigger 8 inch QEE for the client, which means more paint and more details. This 5 inch toy was really fun to do as I simply focused on the painting only and just a bit of sanding to give the vinyl surface a tooth for the paint.

I painted this steam punk boy with vallejo paints... this is fully hand painted, thus the brush marks. hehehe. Anyways, here are a few more photos of this very fun quick build!

The photo below shows the 8 inch BearQEE that I will be doing for my client. The egg shaped 2.5 inch DIY QEE is for myself. :)

Thanks for dropping by! Hope you like my very first vinyl!? :)

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