Sunday, June 5, 2011

Excuses for not being active these days...

I have mentioned a bit in my previous posts that we are having house renovations and expansion. I highly apologize to my MG Zeta clients ( 2 ) as I have put off the build for a month now. The unexpected almost emergency house renovations was due to our damaged roof and it has left me with NO place to do my Gunpla. Add the fact that I was too enthused with our new family member.

All of my toys and even my Gunpla tools are kept inside cabinets and some are even relocated to my dad's house. I seldom go online too, as finding a table for the computer is even a hassle. ALL this hassle and inconvenience should be over soon and as I cannot let my clients wait for too long... I hope to find a peaceful area in my dad's house free from all the construction fuzz of my own.

For those who are curious, my house is basically on the same lot as my dad's. SO relocating most of my Gunpla boxes and toys is not that much of a hassle. However finding a quite place to do Gunpla in another house is a different story all together.

The photos below shows a third of my toys, the other boxes and toys are kept inside our couple of bathroom cabinets and one huge box for all the older ones. Looking at the bright side, once the house is a bit functional again, I could place more toys and eventually even design the second floor to accommodate a small Gunpla Work room.

On a side note, I bought a couple of Bandai Zeta decal sheets for my MG Zeta commission work yesterday. Again I hope to find a quite place to do Gunpla today and at least finalize the decal work of the MG Zeta. I hope to be active in blogging, in the forums and in doing Gunpla soon... Thanks as always for dropping by in my not so active blog these days.

Til' next post guys! :)

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