Friday, June 24, 2011

MAC Forums meetup JULY 10 2011!!!

MAC meetup poster

I heard there is an OOTB Gunpla contest from Bankee this July. Bankee is basically the official partner of Bandai here in the Philippines thus the upcoming contest is an Official Bandai / Bankee contest. Although Bankee has yet to update there web page, I have reason to believe some modelers are gearing up for this show these days.

Yours truly won't be joining the contest. I basically suck in OOTB modeling, my painting is not that good and a bulk of the criteria is about how well you sand and paint your kits, plus... they don't allow DIORAMAS! Thus we decided to move the MAC Forums anniversary to August 2011 ( my birth month ) although the MAC wallpaper contest finalists will still be announced tomorrow ( June 25 2011 ).

Our brothers at GMAC has setup a lot of meet ups in the previous months, so we thought it's about time we set up our own MAC meetup this time. So many moons to August though, thus we thought of setting up a MAC meet up this July! Free doughnuts of course and we could discuss the anniversary for August and brainstorm ideas for the main event come November ( BMKWC 2011 )! Hope to see more and new faces this time, although that means more doughnuts to buy. hehehe

Feel free to join the discussion of the next MAC meet up, here is the link of the thread at MAC Forums guys...
MAC Forums meetup JULY 2011 discussion thread

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