Monday, May 30, 2011

Real Steel is REAL cool stuff!

Real Steel wallpaper
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I watched the Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides a couple of Sundays back with my kids and also saw the Kung Fu Panda 2 yesterday with them. Both are really fun to watch but I would not spoil you by comparing it with their previous sequels.

I saw the Real Steel Trailer featuring Hugh Jackman twice in those movies already. And being a UFC and a bit of boxing fan, ( because of Manny Pacquio ) makes me anticipate this movie a ton more than ALL the upcoming marvel movies. Hmmm, maybe except the Green Lantern and the Transformers of course.

Anyways this is such great and exciting stuff! At least for me and I would like to share a couple of YouTube trailers to convince you that this movie should at least be entertaining! Here they are...

This movie kinda reminds me of our ongoing concept MECHA Group Build at our MAC Forums... Hope you liked this post? Thanks as always for dropping by! Til' next update guys! :)

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