Friday, April 22, 2011

my Blog is now in night mode

I am pretty much in a very relax mood these days so I thought of changing the look of my blog from bright white to a darker calmer look. I tried to change my template but I will have to manually put back all of the hacks and tweaks that I did with my current template and I am not html literate enough to do that.

I like the color scheme of my blog so far as it made all the thumbnail photos stand out! Makes the photos seem so vibrant and the black text blends well with the bluish background. This blog is my paradise away from the real world anyways and the new color scheme seems to depict the mood that I wanted to show.

My new color scheme kinda reminds me of the old which was Zero G. Oh I miss the old Zero G so much. Anyways hope you like the new look so far and any C&C for improvement will be very much appreciated. Thanks as always for dropping by! Til' next update guys! ;)

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