Friday, April 22, 2011

From infinity and beyond! 1000 MAC members!


Woot! It's Official! We now have more than 1000 members in our MAC Forums!

I just finished featuring 8 finished model kits in the MAC Forums front page today. And we will continue to pour out all the good stuffs from inside the board sections from our member's contributions. A little more tweaks on the front page's layout and it is pretty much done! However I am still currently designing the overall look of the website.

I am so happy to announce that we have more than 1,000+ members and 30,000+ posts in the boards since last night. The Forums is still relatively very young but we do believe because of our dearest member's contributions, the forums continues to inspire more and more modelers around the net.

We hope to see more members from Europe as we have announced our Europe Gunpla Cup 2011. We hope to see you in our forums as you will definitely enjoy the atmosphere there. Our forums is basically Facebook in a forums setup minus the like button ( but we are working on adding one )! hehehe

Once again, feel free to add our MAC Forums URL to your blog roll / list as it is now RSS capable. Here is the link guys...

Anyways, thanks for dropping by! Til' next MAC Forums update! ;)

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