Monday, March 14, 2011

Turn A head diorama primed!

This is not yet ready for painting but I thought of priming it to see if the SB'ied body looks ok. I think I will have to give the rest of the head some major dents and battle damages to blend it better with the SB'ied body. On the other hand, I think both the head itself and the body needs more panel lines to blend it all together as the forehead is bombarded with lots of scribed panel lines.

I also need to add some more wires inside the head and around the right edge of the SB'ied body. I need super glue for that and I also need a red primer to give the head it's base coat. I plan to do the salt and hairspray technique for this one as I plan this to be my most rusted and weathered build to date. 

For those who are curious on why I am not working on the MG Zeta commish as it only needs a few more detailing and it is almost done. I basically realized yesterday that I ran out of Tamiya thin cement and there is NO way I could do small pla plating without thin cement. I thought of weathering the hangar diorama of the Zeta but soon realized that I also do not have enamel thinner at hand. 

Obviously, I really need to re-supply on materials soon so that I could work on my priority projects. Anyways, here are some photos of the primed Turn A diorama...

Thanks for dropping by! Til' next update! :)

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