Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Our prayers goes to our brothers in Japan...

Sad day to our brothers in Japan who were affected by the Tsunami and Earth quake yesterday. All our prayers goes to all the people who were affected and we are hoping for their faster recovery. News of the details of this disaster at CNN and I think it's not getting any better.

My wife has a cousin in Japan who was stranded inside ( under ) a train station. All of the trains were shutdown during the earthquake yesterday. My wife's cousin had with her, her 5 year old daughter who was getting really cold while inside the train for hours. They were then eventually brought to the lobby of Tokyo Disneyland and spent the night at a hotel lobby.

Only people with kids and really old people were allowed to stay in the hotel lobbies, not sure how the normal aged people spent their night yesterday. Again, our prayers goes to all who were affected. Here is the link to Gundam Australia Forums and the Red Cross if you want to give a donation to all the victims of this unfortunate event...

Gundam Australia Japan Quake Appeal

Australian Red Cross Japan & Pacific Appeal

Filipino Red Cross

American Red Cross

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