Sunday, March 27, 2011

I got more Citadel paints!


I bought a handful ( literally ) of Citadel paints yesterday after buying a handful last week. Kamm continuos to poison us in our forums with his sick hand painting skills using Citadel paints. I would never try hand painting a whole kit like Kamm though, but would try to hand paint details more using this beautiful paints.

I basically bought this for the MG Zeta commish details as my client wants some bling bling details all over. I also got some flesh color, black and a brown for the figures in my Turn A head diorama. These little jars got me excited to paint the Zeta already, although I still have to prime and paint the thing.

On a side note, I added and edited my HTML codes yesterday and I happily got rid off of the Facebook widget that takes so long to load. The new widget in my sidebar now houses my RSS subscription ( first time ), my twitter account and my Facebook fan page. All in a simple box including a better search box. Faster loading time for my blog and easier access to my other accounts. Woot!



Updates on both the MG Zeta and Turn A head today. Thanks for dropping by! Til' next post! :)

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