Monday, March 21, 2011

5 feet tall Sentinel WIP modeling by Halimaw Sculptures

I saw this update from the Toy Collector yesterday and was instantly excited about our 1/35 Gundam WZC project! As most of you know, Alex A. aka Oceansean who leads the Halimaw Sculptures team is our sculpting / production team in producing the first ever 1/35 Gundam garage kit in the Philippines.

This 5 foot Sentinel is basically the base of their awe-inspiring statue of both the Wolverine and Colossus named Fastball Special. Although I like all of the H statues, I got extra excited of this Sentinel head because of the mechanical details / internal details around the jaw / mouth area. 

Those exposed internal details would be super sweeeeeeet on our 1/35 Gundam WZC! I might actually sparingly start to work on the MG WZC ( prototype of the project ) starting this week because of this update. For more photos of this beautiful WIP, here is the link to the Toy Collector...

P.S. Congratulations to our good friend Alex Arevalo and the Halimaw Sculptures team, for being in the TOP 3 lists of all Gundam / Toy Filipino bloggers around the world wide web for the week! Woot! Hoping that their site / blog continues to be in the top 3 from infinity and beyond! Gratz guys! 

Thanks for dropping by! Til' next featured guest modeler! ;)

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