Friday, February 25, 2011

Starcraft ZERG Hydralisk 1/30 model kit repaint

This is basically the base for my ongoing 1/30 StarCraft Terran Marine kit but I thought of putting up a separate gallery for it. This Zerg Hydralisk kit was painted way back 1996 and I just hand painted the Zerg back then using Reeves acrylics.

I painted this kit with Tamiya acrylics, mainly dark yellow as the main color, some browns and blacks for the skin patterns and post shading, some clear red and clear green to give the skin additional color tints, some Tamiya enamel washes, detail painted the teeth and eyes with Citadel paints and sealed with Pledge Wipe and Shine ( red variant ).

I particularly liked the RED future as the final gloss coat as you can see it settled on the crevices thus it also served as a filter. I initially wanted the ground work to be lighter to make the Zerg pop out more, but soon realized that sealing the ground work in flat coat is enough to make the glossy/ slimy Zerg stand out already. 

Anyways here are some photos of the completed Zerg...

I am not sure if I'll be working with the Terran kit soon coz I really have to go back to working with my MG Zeta commish. I ran out of Enamel thinner ( Zippo ) though so I should be working on the kit itself instead of weathering the diorama.

Now here are a few photos of the Terran on top of the dead Zerg Hydralisk. I hope to finish this after the MG Zeta...

Thanks for dropping by! Til' next update! :)

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