Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hasbro X-Wing Red 5 repaint by Ryukaze

Izham Ryukaze or simply Ryukaze is the founder and creator of ZeroGunz. He left a comment on my 1/72 Finemolds X-wing kit about adding some " space dust " to the kit to give it a nice space used weathered look. He then told me to look for his Hasbro X-Wing in his blog.

As I've told him, it took me roughly around 30 minutes to find his X-Wing in his archives. Gladly he has now added a search box on top of his blog today so re-finding his X-Wing was a ton easier. I have seen Ryukaze's repaints on some TF toys that looks really good, however I never thought that even Star Wars toys could be repainted and made to look as good as this.

I am hunting a bit on some Star Wars kits after the 1/72 X-Wing as I felt I could do better on my next. But I figured I'll just hunt for a Star Wars Hasbro toy and have it repainted and weathered much like Ryukaze's X-Wing. Ryu actually had to painstakingly mask and paint the X-Wing's markings to convert it to Luke's Red 5 but the hard work looks like its well worth it.

The shading is a ton better than mine, the " space dust " effect looks like a charm and the weathering and washes is just perfect. Tons of photos of this beautiful repaint in Ryukaze's blog and  I highly recommend you visit it, here is the link guys...

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