Friday, November 12, 2010

New commission work!!!

I have a new international commission work, meaning the client is not from the Philippines. We agreed on the deal already but I am still waiting for the client's downpayment. I will be working on a MG Zeta Gundam ver 2.0 and the client asked for a diorama similar to my - coup de etat " diorama.

BUT I have this post to THANK the very hospitable and friendly guys at Gundam Australia, why? well first they are very welcoming and they have a great forums in the making. And second, my newest up and coming international commission work is from Australia!

So I have reason to believe that Gundam Australia played a big role in landing me the commish. Anyways, hope this deal pushes through and the downpayment sent to me soon. And a BIG thanks again to our friends at Gundam Australia!
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