Monday, November 15, 2010

my TOP10 hguc kits

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Here is another fun TOP10 list! I do not claim expertise on these kits though, as I rarely build  and paint these small kits. I do collect them and have a handful and have more than half of the kits in this list though. This was a very difficult list to do as there are so many beautiful HGUC kits out there and BANDAI keeps on churning out more every month!

HGUC ( High Grade Universal Century ) 1/144 kits are small model kits exclusively based on the Universal Century timeline. Other 1/144 High Grade kits from the other series like Gundam Wing EW, Gundam Seed and Gundam 00 is not part of the HGUC line.

The selection on the list is purely based on my biased opinion and should not be taken seriously. Some of the kits on this list is based on the ease of construction, gimmicks of the kit, proportions of the kit, and sometimes the sheer size and look of the kit. Now I present to you my TOP10 1/144 hguc kits...

Gaplant TR-5 ( Hrairoo )

Unicorn Gundam ( Destroy Mode )

PMX-003 The O


Geara Zulu ( Angelo Sauper )



Jagd Doga

Gundam TR-1 ( Hazel Custom )

Palace Athene

Hope you like the list! Thanks for dropping by! :)

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