Thursday, November 25, 2010

my TOP10 - BMKWC 2010 Malaysia entries

Let us have another unbiased and extremely credible ( yeah right ) TOP10 list! This is a list of the Bandai Model Kit World Cup Malaysia 2010 entries! This is just a fun feature of my fav entries and should not be taken seriously ( LOL ). I have no way to judge the quality of the entries but through photos alone. I do think we could easily make a TOP15 or TOP20 of all the good entries of the event though.

The list is arranged in no chronological order, I just randomly picked photos that is posted in ZeroGunz. The photos above are from a ZeroGunz member Wayne aka WAX. The Philippines and Australia has finished their BMKWCs, even North America is finished I think. BMKWC Malaysia is ongoing and Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Singapore should be mounted soon.

The biggest Gundam modeling event in the world is nearing... The Gunpla World Championships is near!!! So buckle up and enjoy the entries of our Malaysian friends and let's see who's competing in the finals come Sunday! XD
For the meantime here are my TOP10 BMKWC 2010 Malaysia entries...

PG Full Armor MKII by Julius Lim

 Strike Gundam custom

ZeroGunz Core Fighter GB

SD 00 Raiser dio

MG Unicorn custom

MG Zeong custom by Jeffho

MG Zaku ver 2.0 custom

Astrea diorama by Phoon

Unicorn Gundam versus Kshatriya by Alphaleo14

SD Crossbone Gundam by Genosider

Hope you like my TOP10 BMKWC Malaysia entries! ;)

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