Friday, November 26, 2010

a different approach - lesser WIPs

My camera broke today! Not really the main reason why I will have a different approach in terms of posting my WIPs coz I have a cheaper point and shoot camera. I realized that a few of my recent projects have sooo much WIP posts, most notably the PG MKII commish build. Some of which are a bit nonsense or does not have considerable developments in the project.

Another thing is that I have been using the same techniques for almost 3 years now and I have them in my tutorials section anyways. For my diorama builds in particular, I always use my Glue + Sand technique in almost all of my dio projects.

So I thought of cutting down on the WIP posts. I am not being secretive or lazy or anything, I just want to have updates that have better content and readers will see some jumps in the progress of my builds. Lesser posts but fatter content in my WIPs.

Blogging is sharing so I am not cutting my blogging. I could always blog about ZeroGunz, MAC and other forum modeler's works and updates. I would still blog a lot but will simply just reduce the amount of unnecessary WIP posts about my own projects.

Thus... I find tweeting my minor Gunpla activities more fitting than blogging about them. Plus I am enjoying tweeter again! It does not have the nuances of Facebook, I mean most specially Facebook games! Facebook games took a month and a half of my Gunpla time this year or most importantly it took time away from my Gilgamesh project and it will never happen again. ;)

On a side note, I just bought the MG Zeta ver 2.0 for my new commission work, a 1/144 Gundam Avalanche Exia and a hguc prize for Aulon who is the winner of our first M.A.C. onlne SD contest. I started snap fitting the waist, head and torso of the Avalanche Exia and might have a post of the snap fitted kit soon.

Thanks for dropping by! as always, Just enjoy the hobby! XD
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