Tuesday, September 28, 2010

my Tamiya design knife broke while trying to cut hard plastic!

I am desperately running out of Tamiya plastic rods and tubes... I am even running out of balloon sticks for my snow hangar diorama. I went to Lil's Trinoma today and they only have 5mm rounds rods which are as thick as pencils.

Also, using too much balloon sticks is an eye sore already coz they are a bit too thick for 1/100 scale dio if you add too much ( my dio is borderline fugly already ). So I thought of hunting for some alternative plastic for my dio. NO, I am not using straws or even bendable straws coz it looks so unprofessional to me personally. Looks like an elementary school project if you add them to 1/100 scale dios.

So I bought a pack of lollipops! I have 3 kids so it is a win win for me, they get to suck all the lollipops they want and I get to have more plastic for my hangar dio. hihi. I also bought some red Coffee stirrer that I plan to use as beams also.

However, my  Tamiya design knife broke trying to cut those red stirrers! Good thing I have my old trusty X-acto knives to use until I get to buy another Tamiya design knife. I still love my Tamiya design knife over X-actos because of their small precision blades, I think I just forced it too much in cutting harder plastic... my bad. :(

Thanks for dropping by! til' next post! XD
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