Monday, September 20, 2010

IPMS Manila Philippines meet up

MatX and I met up with the guys of IPMS Manila yesterday and we had a great time talking about modeling stuffs. As I expected I learned a gazillion things about modeling the whole afternoon.
I learned a lot of things form sir Jun aka John Sheridan, might even make tutorials and tips for the topics we talked about ( will credit him and IPMS Manila of course, hehe ).

I even saw a Tamiya 1/350 Yamato Battleship for the first time! Man the amount of details plus the amount of Photo etched parts for that monster is impossibly infinite looking. I would love to see that monster fully assembled at least. I felt like I was a sponge absorbing modeling knowledge the whole afternoon... Anyways, it was a great experience and would certainly be back for more.

Here are a couple of photos I took from sir Jun's thread of the 1/350 Yamato Battleship at IPMS Manila proboards.

Thanks for dropping by! until next post! XD
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