Tuesday, August 3, 2010

PG MKII commission - WIP - simple pla plating

Ello guys, just a quick update on the PG MKII commission build... I did some simple pla plating yesterday all over the kit, mainly the skirt armors, legs and arms. I basically used my usual pla plating shapes to compliment the plates on the torso part.

The MKII is starting to take form now, and as always I am starting to over detail it again. This is in Titan's color scheme as I've said before... so I am afraid that most of the details won't be that visible in the photos when painted. However, the client would clearly see the mods in person anyways so the heck with not over detailing the kit.

A little more custom shaped pla plating on the foot legs and rear skirt and some small pla plate strips will finish the modding stage. i hope to finish this soon, so stay tuned. Anyways, here are a few more photos of my progress so far...

BTW, this build has a WIP thread in most of the forums... ZeroGunz, Plamo, Netmorks, FichtenFoo and MAC forums. hihi, so see you their! XD

I have yet to give the pla plating some wet sanding to soften the edges and make it look like it is part of the original mold / cast. Thanks for dropping by! Til next update! XD
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