Monday, August 2, 2010

M.A.C. forums in my blog!

I was doodling with my blog to see what I could improve, when I thought of trying to make a PAGE tab on top of my blog linked to a separate web page rather than the usual static blogger page. The blogger page is ok but it is impractical for a single link.

So, after a few minutes of research and HTML nose bleeds... I was able to put a page tab that is linked to our Mech Arts Community ( M.A.C. ) Forums! Wahoo! Now if you click the M.A.C. Forums PAGE tab it will direct you to our forums.

I thought of the idea, coz master Foo / FichtenFoo has this feature in a way and also... the small M.A.C. banner or any banner on the sidebar looks like an advertisement. Based on blog studies 75% of blog readers would click the links on the page tabs more than click a link on the sidebar.

Credit goes to prac of, his HTML hack is this link - Google support forums
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