Monday, August 9, 2010

PG MKII commission - WIP - trekker shoes

Just a very small update on my PG MKII build... I gave the kit some trekker shoes basically. The shoes surprisingly  complimented the mods on the legs and the torso. It gave the MKII a bulkier feel to it and is subtle enough not to disturb the overall design of the mech.

I also gave some more simple pla plating on the arms, legs and head. I need to add a little bit of koto parts and small pla plate strips to fully compliment the torso and complete the detailing. This is almost done, next updates will be priming of the kit. Now here are a few photos of my progress so far...

On a side note, Amir_anti_yosi gave me some 1/144 GN-X parts that I used in my MG Sazabi, thus the 1/144 GN-X is all of a sudden complete again. I lost the small clear part on the forehead though, thus I have to think of something to replace that. Honestly I am not really sure if I would still paint this... however it is nice to see it complete again.

Thanks for dropping by! Til' next post. ;)
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