Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's my little Sammy's 4th Birthday today!

Ello guys, just want to have this photo archived here in my blog... It's one of my daughter's special day today! We bought her a Vtech Vsmile Motion for her 4th Birthday and also some small toys last Saturday. So I was basically spending some quality " game " time with my kids since then. No Gunpla for me for the past couple of weeks actually.

Sammy is my second of 3 kids... she's actually my fav...all of them are my fav, but she is my extra fav! hihi... We are having fun with her new techie toy and also I was teaching her to mold small dinosaurs with play dough earlier today.

We also bought an extra motion controller and a Dora game for her... I highly recommend the toy, it is a ton cheaper than Nintendo Wii but it works like one. We are having a lot of fun playing Dora and racing games with the kids since we bought it.

Sammy is so shy... she does not want to smile in front of the camera, coz I told her I will blog about her. hehe

Til' next post guys! XD
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