Monday, July 26, 2010

2nd US ( International ) commission build!

Ello guys, I just closed a deal with a new client from the US! Yeap, a different client this time and not the one who commissioned me to do the AC White Glint, however this new client wants an Armored Core too, he likes me to build him an AC CR-HOGIRE. Seems like Armored Core is big in the United States or something.

The deal is closed but I have not received the money ( in my paypal ) for the kit and the downpayment yet. But this sure is good news! After this commish, I'll have 2 international builds under my resume, not bad for a newbie ( 2 1/2 year old ) modeler from the Philippines. hihi

Now, I really have to finish the PG MKII by mid August ( in time for my birthday ) and hold off my MG Sazabi. Though the client instructions are simple, ootb build with minor detailing and a custom color scheme. Unlike the AC White Glint, the client wants his kit in clean finishing... AC in clean finishing! goodluck to me. hehehe

Hope this deal pushes through in the next couple of days. ;)
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