Saturday, July 31, 2010

a letter to my boss...

It is a very very sad day today... it is the first day without my Manager for 4 years. I have been under the same man for 4 years and have been trying to follow a person out of sheer respect and nothing else. I am not a good follower as I only follow people out of respect... thus I am at a lost now.

Christian Borja aka sir X is my manager and I rarely blog about my real life as this site is dedicated to my hobby. Unfortunately I was not able to properly say my goodbyes and my thoughts to my boss yesterday and I find that messaging him at Facebook is simply not enough.

Sir X is a great leader as well as a good friend. Losing such a person and finding another one is impossible... It is simply overly difficult to see " real " people in a fog of politics. I am truly best to have met and worked with a unique and genuine person in him. A type of person that you could only be fortunate enough to meet a few times in a lifetime. Both in a workplace or in real life.

He is a man of his word and is a man of his own. He does not follow mindlessly and always stands for his own logic, principles and beliefs. A man who does not bow to false professionalism and sees through the fog of fake logic like an owl who sees through a moonless night. Sir X is a man of passion who continues to seek knowledge and is a critical thinker at the same time.

As I've said, I am at a lost now... basically no one to look up to anymore...

" Iniwan kami ng Kapitan ng barko... 
                              ...buti na lang marunong ako lumangoy ! " ;)

Me and my family, my wife and my 3 kids wishes you the best in your personal life and your career sir X. God Bless and continue the passion!
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