Saturday, May 22, 2010

hg 1/144 GN-X WIP part III - color scheme study

I am currently in the office right now and I just finished doing a custom color scheme study of my 1/144 GN-X build. I did this in Adobe Photoshop CS4 and I did 4 custom color schemes. I fancy option A the most coz it was inspired by Sammy's RGM79C build.

As I've said I have 4 color schemes I am choosing from,option A is an orange and blue gray scheme, option B has a scheme that is much similar to my PG Zeta build, option C is the usual striking combination of red and white and option D is your usual yellow and white scheme. Now here are the edited photos with custom color schemes...

Please help me decide on which scheme to drop a comment if you have the time on my new DISQUS commenting platform. thanks! hope to see your inputs on this.;)
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