Sunday, May 9, 2010

Battle damaging my old MG Gundam Wing Custom

Happy Mother's day to all! Anyways, I just got home with my family and treated the kids and my wife to lunch earlier. I also bought some supplies, primer and strypor for my AC White Glint build which will hopefully be ready for priming by tomorrow. I also got myself a 144 Tieren coz I have a simple dio idea for it.

Anyways, after sanding all the parts of the AC + Vanguard Overed Boost parts yesterday...which is really boring to say the least. I decided to practice a bit on my paint chipping skills. I will give this kit more battle damage effects after I have painted the AC and super weather it so that it looks like it came out of it's grave. hihi. XD

I used a couple of Hasegawa tools for the damage effects...mainly a Hase point scriber for the scratches and  a Hase U - shaped chisel. Basically, I first gave the kit some wet sanding with a 800 grit sandpaper to expose the primer underneath the paint and give it some realistic " scratched effects ". I then used the two Hase tools for a more damaged look. 

This kit was my 3rd painted MG back in 2008, so it was done OOTB and painted with Pylox spray cans. I removed the seam lines of course and used a few water slide warning decals and some dry transfer decals that came with the kit. Anyways, here are some pics...

As I've said I am currently putting all the parts of the AC + Vanguard Overed Boost on skewers for priming tomorrow morning. Its taking me a while coz I am cleaning the parts off sand dusts before putting them on sticks. ;)

Thanks for dropping by! til' next post! ;D

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