Monday, May 10, 2010

AC White Glint - WIP part XIII - White parts primed!

Ello guys, the AC White Glint client ( from the US ) has fully paid this build yesterday through paypal...wahoo! Though it's kinda embarrassing to get the full payment coz I just finished priming ALL the White parts of the AC and also a few pieces like the guns and a couple of parts over the shoulders.

Anyways, I made a slight booboo while priming the parts... a few parts ( shoulder armors ) where hit with some overspray producing a slight sandy texture. I then sanded it a bit and resprayed but a few small portions of the said parts has some slight texturing still. However after looking at it for a whil, I kinda liked it...I think it will give a nice look once I have weathered this kit.

I now plan to add a few textured areas to the other parts during painting as I weather this build. 95% of the parts primed today are so smooth though, I will have to roughen it a bit during painting as again this would have a weathered look overall after. Now, here are some pics...

The photo below shows one of the parts that has some slight texturing... I think it's all good though, as this will be weathered after painting. I will then have to add a few texturing, specially on the foot areas during painting.

I have not primed the parts in the photo below coz they are of a different color. I have to paint the White parts first coz some white parts of the Vanguard Overed Boost ( V.O.B. ) has to be detail painted with gray after the white painting. The same gray tone will then be painted on the V.O.B. parts on the photo below.

I have to let this cure for at least a day before painting it with acrylics...I am not sure if I can squeeze time to paint these parts after office during weekdays, but will be painting this very soon the latest is on the next weekend. Thanks for dropping by! til' next post. ;)

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