Saturday, May 8, 2010

AC White Glint WIP - wet sanding

Just a quick post... I just finished sanding ALL of the parts of the AC White Glint + Vanguard Overed Boost parts today and I am just taking a break. I did some wet sanding with a 800 grit sandpaper and finished off the wet sanding with a 1200 grit sandpaper. I have a cup of water full with small sheets of sandpaper and sanded away the overlooked sprue marks and softened the edges of the pla plating. Looks good so far specially the leg pla plates. 

Now, I will have to put all those parts individually on skewers and prime them...hopefully I still have the energy later to do that and prime it soon. I will show lots of pics after priming but will not re assemble the parts. Here are a couple of snapshots of my wrinkled fingers and ALL of the sanded parts...phew! ;)

Thanks for dropping by! til' next post! ;)
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