Friday, April 23, 2010

Adsense application approved!!!

Wahoo! My adsense application has just been approved today! AdSense is basically an application ran by Google that would allow advertisers to post ads in your website. There is a ton of technicality on how much you'll earn and how you'll earn in the first place but getting approved is really a good news oledi!

This was my second application, I got denied the first time and re applied after around 5 months of blogging. Then I basically got approved today! My blogger account has content on the monetize tab now and I can check from time to time if my site is actually earning already.

I am not really that concerned if my blog will be earning much, I doubt a personal blog with a very specialized topic / content like Gunpla or Gundam could generate that much income...but getting approved makes you feel like your site is really legit now. The ads are located after the newest post and at the bottom of the sidebar.

Plus I also checked my Google page rank, I have a no.3 page rank already...I got no. 2 before when I was starting out. Most Gundam blogs are ranked 0 to 3 and a famous Gunpla forum even ranks no.2, which is lower than mine. hihi...Again, I doubt my page rank will go higher coz my site has a very specialized content...but then again it is nice to know that the site is really legit now.

Thank you to all my readers and the frequent visitors of this site! Without all of you this would not be possible!
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